SVG / JS animations

Animated logos, icons and illustrations animated with fantastic GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP).
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Interactive SVG animations

Yes, they are!
drag the jellyfish around!
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Single file SVG animations

Some basic animations can be done as a single .svg file - without any external styles or JS dependencies. These tiny animations have total size just 3kb (waves) and 1kb (heart).
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download .svg file

D3.js data visualizations

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HTML5 Canvas

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My name is Ksenia Kondrashova. I’m a freelance front-end developer focused on motion design, animations and visualizations. Sometimes it's called Creative front-end development.
I’m experienced with both coding and design tools. I can assist with
  • 3D web experiences
  • 2D animations
  • Interactive maps & infographics
  • Data visualizations
  • Browser games
I have an MA degree in embedded electronics (I still love hardware!) but turned to web development a few years after graduation. Since then, I’ve worked on various projects for clients all around the world. Please check out my upwork profile to see the reviews from more than 100 clients of mine.